Dear Loves,

It’s been a long time since I’ve kept a consistent journal or blog. Writing takes time. It takes patience, and a willingness to show up and be seen. It’s much easier to be too busy to write.

But what I want, connection, growth, ...that takes patience too, and writing is a way of reflecting on the moment, of remembering the good things and taking lessons from whatever comes. At least that’s how I have used it. I wrote a lyric today:

“When you sing the same song for 20 years, all you start to hear are the mistakes. You might forget the melody, that was a revelation the first time that it came.”

I want to remember the melody, to put my head up and look at the bigger picture.

That’s what I hope to record with these letters. Join me, play with me, laugh and cry with me, sing with me.

Let’s start here.