Custom songs made just for you!

  • Theme songs
  • Background Music
  • Complete 2-5 min. songs with full instrumentation and lyrics

How do I create the perfect song for you?

First, I get inside your head. Not literally of course, that would be much too sticky! I want to get to know you and your work in order to create the best musical representation. I'll read your book or look closely at your work in order to get an idea of the themes and elements that will translate to music. Then, we'll have a one-on-one consultation where we talk about your needs and favorite bands. 


Writing a song is a form of storytelling. The music sets the tone and enhances the emotion, while the lyrics delve deep into themes and images. With the right combination of words and music, a song can take us on a profound journey in a matter of minutes. Songs create an emotional impact unlike any other art form. I have over 15 years experience writing and studying songs. With a degree in English and Creative Writing, I have always approached songwriting as a form of poetry. In the composition stage, it's all about blending the perfect mix of lyrics and music to support your vision and tell your story.


After approving a first draft of the song it's time to get into the studio! Most recordings are done at my home studio using the latest sound recording equipment. Capturing, mixing, and mastering, is done on Cubase Elements. It involves lots of color-coding and hours spent wearing the big headphones. 

I record guitar, mandolin, and vocals as live instruments. All other instrumentation is done using digital instruments or MIDI tracks. Projects that require live recording or a preference for analogue can be accommodated through use of a nearby studio and session musicians. Please contact me for this option as rates will vary. 



Packages and Rates

Theme song

  • A short custom theme song (up to 40sec.) for your Web-series, YouTube Channel, or Podcast.
  • compatible instrumental version to use as looping background music or credits

Starts at $125

Full Song

Hummingbird Basic

  • A full song (up to 5 min.) with original music and lyrics

Starts at $250

Songbird Plus

  • Full  song with original music and lyrics
  • Full instrumental version
  • Short theme song version

Starts at $325

Eagle Pro

  • Full song with music and lyrics
  • Full looping instrumental
  • +1 instrumental variation
  • Theme Song version

Starts at $450

Please Note: these are starting rates and may vary depending on the need or scale of your project.

Music Samples

Recent Projects

KidLit TV creates shows featuring children's literature  for kids, parents, and teachers. I created this theme song for their show, READY SET DRAW. I even got some help from my two sons for the voices. It was a real family project! Check out their website to see more great content!

It was such an honor to write the theme song for my friend and colleague Katya Szewczuk's YouTube channel. Check out KidLit Kat for book recommendations and all things Manga, Comics, and YA. 


A new, edgier version of the KidLit Kat theme song! Katya has been focused more on her teen audience and developed a few new shows specifically for this crowd, including her latest show: Fangirl Freakout. So, we gave the song an update to appeal more to her teen fans.

A fun parody of "Shake it Off" in honor of National Poetry Month and Rhyming Picture Book Month! Rebuilt the whole track from the beats to the bridge using some play instruments for a little extra Kid Lit flair! 

Original Song: "Your Love" 
Words and music by Laurel Nakai
Featuring Koichi Nakai
From the album Man of Peace by Peace Aquarium

Original song, "Carousel" 
Words and music by Laurel Nakai

Interested in an original song? Tell me all about your project! 

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