A Dash of Introspection

I've been concentrating a lot on creative work recently, and have been discovering some wonderful literary communities in the process of submitting to journals and magazines.

It was a pleasure to contribute to the latest issue of the Rain, Party, & Disaster Society, a comfy little niche on the internet where I feel quite at home.

 This poem was the first piece of creative writing I had done in months. The writing of it was cathartic and necessary, a reaction to a crazy and difficult time and a catalyst to the healing that came afterwards. It felt particularly delicate and precious to send off into the unknown, which is why I'm so grateful to the wonderful editors at RPD for giving it such a warm welcome. To my surprise and horror (just kidding...I mean joy!) I was even asked to write a feature for their Artist Spotlight on the blog.

Ego boost aside, sitting down and writing about why you write, what it means to you, putting those things into words, it's an arduous but worthwhile task. Actually, it feels a little bit like those acceptance speeches you give in the mirror for your fake grammy-- you know you do... one part ego, a dash of humility, a quarter cup of healthy introspection. But seriously, I learned a lot about myself and about how I approach art, and I'm basking in the creative momentum for as long as it lasts.

It made me think, why wait to be asked? Why not sit down and write it out now? We certainly don't wait to be nominated for a grammy (oscar, pulitzer, whatever your flavor) ...so what would your "Spotlight" say? What makes you create, what makes your heart pound, what fills you up?

Don't forget to thank the editor!

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