Gatsby's Back in Town!

Parody just might be my new favorite form of songwriting! This one goes out to all the high school English teachers and students who are studying the demise of the American dream. Big thanks to my mom for lending me the flapper dress and boa. Does YOUR mom have a costume box? Make sure to like and subscribe on YouTube, and let me know what book you'd like me to write a song for!

Gatsby's Back in Town
Parody of Mack the Knife.

Oh the lights they, can be seen dear cross the water
That’s where the party goes down
And the music goes all night babe
Now that Gatsby’s back in town
Fancy cars parked round the block babe
Diamond chandelier and a 12 piece band
That new money's  a dangerous game sport, but
Minnesota ain’t got this kind of swag

Oh on the side walk
Lies a body, that's where
Miss Myrtle Wilson was found
That yellow car sped around the corner
No mistaking who struck her down

Oh now Tom Buchanon huh huh
He just discovered don’t you know
That miss daisy had been stepping out
And now he’s swearing that Jay Gatsby
Better watch his back, 
Jay look out out!

Oh did you hear bout George Wilson, he got
A tip off bout poor myrtle and he’s acting fast
Heard the shots from across the water
Could it be our boys done something rash

Oh Jordan backer, oh oh miss Daisy
You know there’s eyes that see everything around
Now It’s just ashes in the valley
Now that Gatsby’s back in town

Jordan Backer, T.J. Eckleburg
you know his eyes they see
Everything that goes down
Now it's all ashes in the valley
Now that Gatsby's back in town.